ГБУЗ "Поликлиника № 4" МЗ РСО-Алания
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    Медицинский туризм (Medical tourism)

    State budgetary healthcare institution "Polyclinic No. 4" the Ministry of health of North Ossetia-Alania, is a major medical institution dedicated to provide all kinds of primary health care, in outpatient clinics, including emergency medical care, and to carry out the complex of preventive measures on prevention of diseases and improvement of the population. Having a long history, the clinic is a territory where the basis of the entire treatment process is, first of all, human health and life.

    Part of GBUZ "Polyclinic No. 4" includes two branches: "Branch № 1" - medical facility with a full range of medico-preventive outpatient care to the population, which comprises 20 therapeutic areas, and "Branch № 2" Women's consultation - medical institution performing continuous ambulatory monitoring and providing therapeutic care to women during pregnancy, after childbirth and gynecological diseases, Cabinet of contact correction of vision, 3 therapeutic Department, designed for 44 therapeutic area. The polyclinic provides medical care to the attached population in 25 profiles.

    The service radius of GBUZ "Polyclinic No. 4" is up to 25 km (the left part of the Terek river from the odd side of Moskovskaya street to the high-mountain village of Ezmi). Service areas include 86 streets and several settlements, including: the village of Redant, Popov Khutor, Chmi, Ezmi, Lars, Balta. The total number of the assigned population – 87210 people. The capacity of the polyclinic, together with the branch, is 1478 visits per shift.

    The work of the state medical INSTITUTION "Polyclinic No. 4" is distinguished by a clear management system, high culture of medical care, professionalism and stability of personnel, continuity of the best traditions. Kind, attentive attitude to patients is put at the forefront of all work. The clinic has created an atmosphere of mutual understanding and corporate culture. In this regard, it is necessary to note the role of labor veterans, who have given many years to health care, and now pass on their experience to the younger generation of physicians. A team of professionals which employs five candidates of science, "Honored doctor of the Russian Federation", five "Honored doctors of RSO-Alania". 41 doctors have the highest qualification category, 14-the first and second categories.

    In the structure of the state medical INSTITUTION "Polyclinic № 4" there is a day hospital, working in two shifts on a six-day working week, and designed for 24 beds.

    A wide range of diagnostic studies (ultrasound, radiography, fluorography. ECG et al.)

    At the service of patients, equipped with all necessary equipment ultrasound and magnetic laser therapy, paraffin therapy, acupuncture, massage room, exercise therapy, etc.

    In the polyclinic, an endoscopic diagnostic and treatment room functions on an outpatient basis.

    Clinical and diagnostic laboratory, carrying out all the necessary range of diagnostic studies. Bacteriological laboratory, which is part of the clinic is equipped with the latest technology.

    Special attention is paid to the formation of a healthy lifestyle and medical examination of the population, which is carried out by the Department of medical prevention.

    Also, the institution operates a team of emergency medical care, which their professionalism, mobility and staffing of medicines are not inferior to emergency medical teams.

    Mode of operation of GBUZ "Polyclinic No. 4" from 8.00 to 20.00 (Monday to Friday), from 8.00 to 16.00 on Saturday and from 8.00 to 14.00 on Sunday.

    Contacts for foreign patients:

      State budgetary institution of health care "Polyclinic No. 4" of the Ministry of health of RNO-Alania:

      License No. LO-15-01-000919 dated September 6, 2019

      Address: 362001, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Vladikavkaz, Barbashova street, h. 39

      Contact numbers: +7(8672) 52-26-93,

                                  +7(8672) 33-31-12

      Hotline of the institution: +7(918) 821-75-92